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The integration between your e-commerce and your supplier’s platform can be created in two ways:

  • Dropshipping mode
  • Remote Supplier mode

The main difference betweet the two workflows is the order management and direct shipment to the end customer

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If you  are a dropshipper, your customer will purchase products and pay directly on your online shop. This order will be sent via Rewix Plugin to your supplier’s e-commerce site.

Each time you place order, the system will automatically create an order onto the wholesaler site without any effort from Magento side.

The products will be reserved when the order status will be pending_payment. The single order will then automatically be sent to the supplier’s with shipping details, hence the supplier will ship directly to your end customer.

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The Remote Supplier integration method consists of grouping orders from Magento ecommerce and placing a single large order with the supplier, who will be responsible for shipping the goods to the end customers.

This method requires some action on the part of the Magento site administrator to send the order to the supplier. This is done by simply pressing the “Send supplier order” button from the “Order booked” interface.

To keep track of the status of suppliers’ orders, an additional column has been added to the order interface showing the status of suppliers’ orders.

The order can be found in different statuses. The possible states are:

  • booked: the order is reserved for you (your customer). Your supplier is waiting for payment to process this order. Only if you make the payment, accessing your supplier’s platform, will your order be processed;
  • confirmed: your supplier has received the payment and has sent the information to the logistics office, to get ready your customer’s order;
  • working on: your supplier’s logistics are preparing the shipment;
  • ready: the order is ready to be shipped;
  • dispatched: the order is shipped and the courier delivers your order directly to your customer.