Rewix Plugin for Magento

Magento Version

Version 1.1.8 –  Minor update and Bugfix
Russian language support and small bug fixed.

Version 1.1.6 – Minor update and Bugfix

  • added support for new languages
  • fixed thumbnails in import page
  • incremental synchronisation flow for a better and faster synch of remote inventories
  • improved order synch with remote supplier

Versione 1.1.3 – Minor update and Bugfix
Improved product checkout and booking

Versione 1.1.0 – Minor update and Bugfix
Added custom category tree support.

Versione 1.0.7 – Minor update and Bugfix
Correct compatibility with updated XML structure.

Versione 1.0.0 – Minor update and Bugfix

  • Support for configurable products: products can be now imported as configurable (as well as grouped) and those without dimensions (e.g. Bags, wallets, etc.) will be imported easily.
  • Importing products in the background: Importing products can be a long task, so the release processes of version 1.0.0 must be imported using Magento’s cron procedures instead of asking the user to wait until the import is complete, saving a lot of time.
  • Added a new status page to verify that the configuration is correct. Verify API permissions, execution of scheduled tasks, product import queue, attribute settings, and web / php server configurations.
  • Added support for new attributes available in vendor data such as gender and color, which can be used to enhance the search filter experience.
  • Allow filtering only for products that have not already been imported.
  • Compatible with Magento Security Patch SUPEE-6788 (and Magento

When upgrading from 0.9.2 to 1.0.0, the Magento installation will ensure that all necessary database changes are made automatically. Some customers may need to manually remove an attribute identified by the “category” code, which was created in the first alpha versions of the plugin and maintained until 0.9.2. In the new status page you will see a warning asking you to remove this attribute. To do this you just need to access Catalog -> Attributes -> Manage attributes, search for an attribute called category and delete it. This change also solves some rare problems encountered with themes where the product page might return an empty page.

The extension is designed to allow continuous switching from grouped products to those that can be configured any time. Like the new product import procedure, this task is also performed in the background, so you don’t have to worry about timeout issues

Starting the conversion of existing products it’s easy, just change the setting on the configuration page.

Important: You must also select a suitable attribute in the configuration “Attribute size” to be used for generating configurable products. As soon as you change the setting, the extension will start the migration process, which can take up to 12 hours depending on the number of products that have previously been imported. Changing the setting from grouped to configurable will replace any manual product changes, including pricing, and the markup will be set according to the extension configuration.

You will be able to check the progress of the conversion through the status page. There you will see the current product number.

Finally, you should note that the migration will only be completed for products in stock. All out-of-stock products will eventually be converted when they are available again.

In addition to the new configurable option and importing the product in the background, we have also added support for two new attributes: Gender and Color. To use these new attributes, you will need to create suitable attributes in Magento and choose them in the configuration. These attributes must have Global, type Dropdown and must be included in the Default Attribute Set in order to select them in the configuration.

After completing the configuration, all new imported products will have these attributes set. To fill those attributes for existing products, you will need to re-import those products (this will also happen during the migration from configurable to grouped).

Versione 0.9.1 – Minor update and Bugfix

  • Allows imported categories to be renamed and rearranged without causing new products to be imported to restore the original category name
  • Allow you to choose a Magento attribute to be used to import product brand data (see official documentation for more details)
  • Improved reliability of checking product availability before allowing a customer to place an order
  • Decreased log verbosity for non-branded orders
  • Fixed some rare problems that caused errors when checking order status on the remote platform

Versione 0.2.2 – Minor update and Bugfix

  • Corrects the import of products;
  • Correct queue management;
  • Adds an error message in the remote products table;
  • Uses the php typing system;
  • Improves phpdocs;
  • Corrects product import errors with incorrect data from upstream;

Versione 0.2.1 – Minor update and Bugfix

  • Improves queue management;
  • Improves the status page;
  • Better manages product queues;
  • Adds column to database;
  • Corrects deletion after an error;

Versione 0.2.0 – Minor update and Bugfix

  • Adds the status administration page;
  • Correct the cron job execution.

Versione 0.1.2 – Bugfix

  • Correct encoding standards for Magento validation.