How do I import products to my e-commerce website?

In the importing section you will select the products you want to sell, while the plugin will automatically import the desidered products descriptions, pictures and related TAGs.

Will new products posted by the supplier on his site be automatically imported into my e-commerce website?

New products will have to be imported manually. This solution will enable you to manage your e-commerce independently, allowing you to choose which products to import. The management of the showcase will always be under your control

How the product pictures are imported from the supplier's online catalogue?

The pictures are imported automatically during an import stage. All the pictures from the supplier’s product sheet will be uploaded to your ecommerce.

Can I change product descriptions and names?

Product descriptions get imported from the wholesaler’s RewixEcommerce site.

It is possible to modify the descriptions and the titles, after the product import. Continuous product synchronization will just affect quantities, and not the descriptions.

Are the stocks quantities aligned with the supplier's one ?

Yes, the supplier’s stock quantities are exactly aligned with your e-commerce site.

The frequency of the sync depends on the configuration of your cron-job.

Where can I find available updates for the plugin I've purchased?

You can find updates in your profile into the “Subscriptions” section. If your subscription is active, you will find a link to download the new version once an update is pushed online.