Rewix Plugin for Magento

Status Rewix Plugin for Magento

This interface shows some information about the Plugin:

API Connection Status: Shows the status of the connection to the API.

Current Plugin Version: The latest version is 1.0.0, check this value to see if an update is needed.

Last Successful Sync, Next Scheduled Sync: The last and next synchronization. (Note: If an error message is displayed, see Magento cron information on the installation procedure page.)

Successfully imported products: Products that have been successfully imported.

Currently queued products: Products not yet imported and currently queued.

Attribute: Describes all the attributes set on the corresponding configuration page. (Note: If an error is listed, check the attribute configuration.)

Error Log: If an error occurs, it is shown here.

Queued products: The complete list of products still waiting to be processed by the product importer.