Rewix Plugin for Magento

How to install Plugin Rewix for
Magento I

After purchasing the Rewix Plugin and downloading it, you will need to install it into your Magento I ecommerce through Magento Connect.

To install the Plugin you will need to go from Magento Admin to System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager

From Magento Connect Manager, in the Direct package file upload section, choose the .tgz file of the plugin you downloaded and press Upload.

At this point you will have installed Rewix Plugin inside Magento I.

Attention: Rewix Plugin requires that Magento cron is configured and executed periodically through the management of the Cron Jobs of the operating system. To set up the Cron Jobs, see the official guide to configuring Magento at this link. We recommend that you set the Cron Job at least every five minutes, so the plugin will be faster when importing products from the supplier.

How to upgrade Rewix Plugin

How to install Rewix Plugin

Installazione & Upgrade via File upload

  • From your profile download the plugin package (Note: if you are upgrading from a previous version, be sure to uninstall the previous version before installing the newer version);
  • Upload the new package to Magento Connect Manager using the Direct package file upload function (as described above), this will activate the installation of the extension;
  • Click on “Update” at the end of the installation step and you should see the Rewix Plugin in the list of installed extensions;
  • Scroll up and click the Return to Admin link to return to the online store administration console.

If direct upload of the file is not available in Magento Connect Manager, you can perform the installation via FTP:

  • Exit Magento, unpack the *.tgz file on your computer;
  • If you received a * .zip file from us, unzip it and then unzip the * .tgz file again;
  • FTP the two APP and SKIN folders to Magento’s root folder, which already contains two folders with the same names; in other words, you will add new folders and files to those two folders, which already exist;
  • Access Magento and clear Magento’s cache in System;
  • Now you should be able to use Rewix Plugin.

For more detailed instructions on how to manually install an extension via FTP, see this resource