What are the requisites that your platform needs to comply with?

Product availability is automatically synchronized with your supplier’s warehouse. No risk of selling products that are no longer available

Rewix Plugin Installation

Check your platform requirements

Dropshipper e-commerce platform requisites

Connect your online store to the wholesaler via:

  • Magento I version 1.9.x
  • Prestashop version 1.6.1+ to 1.7.x+
  • WordPress conwithWoocommerce 3.x

Yout Hosting needs to support the products sync via cron tasks every 5 minutes. Larger intervals won’t work in an optimal way. Check with your provider your configuration before getting Rewix Plugin.

Supplier’s e-commerce platform requisites

To download your supplier’s product catalogue and start dropshipping you will need to:

  • Verify that your wholesaler owns RewixEcommerce platform
  • Contact the supplier and reach a commercial agreement. The supplier will charge you with a monthly fee for a licence agreement.
  • Get from the supplier the API Key that connects your platform to its own

How Dropshipping works with Rewix Plugin

Uploading your supplier’s catalogue, sales prices and managing orders is easy with Rewix dropshipment!

Dropshipping is an online sales method that eanables wholesalers to ship directly to the end-customer 

Choosing your suppliers is an important part of your business. Suppliers must be reliable in managing your customers’ orders and must offer product quality on an ongoing basis. So it manadatory to close a commercial agreement with the wholesaler.

Once you have entered into an agreement with the supplier, you will understand more about dropshipemt.

The customer places an order

for a product in your online shop and you collect the money.

You automatically forward your order

and shipping details directly to your supplier via REWIX plugin and pay the agreed wholesale price for the product.

The dropship provider packages and ships the order directly

to the end customer as if it was shipped from your online store.

You earn the difference

between your selling price and the wholesale price.

The advantages of dropshipment

It’s easy to start dropshipping!

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