Rewix Plugin for WordPress

Order Management

The Rewix Plugin is able to send orders received from your ecommerce to your supplier.

Each time you receive an order in your online shop and this order contains a product imported from the Rewix Plugin, the plugin will automatically transfer this data to your supplier.

This interface shows which products are currently reserved for the supplier and the quantities needed to fulfill pending and processing orders.

You can see your order on Woocommerce like any other order received.

The Sync Status column shows the status of the synchronization of orders with your supplier’s platform.

You can see all order details by accessing your personal area on your supplier’s ecommerce platform. With the activation of your dropshipping subscription, the supplier will have enabled your dropshipper account from which you can view orders, payments for orders you have to make, the processing status of orders until they are shipped to your end customers.

The columns in the table refer to:

  • Remote ID: The ID of the product of your Supplier (product with the size) that was ordered and therefore reserved;
  • Woocommerce ID: the product ID of your ecommerce (product with size) booked. You can go directly to the related order using the link <Display> order details;
  • Synch status: status of synchronization.

The order can be found in different states. Possible states are:

  • Booked: the order is reserved for you (your customer). Your supplier is waiting for payment to process this order. Only if you make the payment, accessing the platform of your supplier, your order will be processed;
  • Confirmed: your Supplier has received the payment and sends the information to the logistics office, for the preparation of your customer’s order;
  • Working on: your supplier’s logistics are preparing the shipment of the order;
  • Ready: the order is ready to be shipped;
  • Dispatched: the order is shipped and the courier delivers your order directly to your customer.

Payment of orders

Every time you receive an order from a customer in your online shop, if this order contains a product imported from the Rewix Plugin, the plugin will automatically transfer this data to your supplier.

Rewix Plugin is able to add and remove products in a <growing order> within your account in your Supplier’s ecommerce platform. By logging into your account on your supplier’s platform you will find the <growing order> with all the products ordered by your end customers on your ecommerce site included.

To verify that everything is working properly, check if all the products in the <growing order> match all the products ordered in your ecommerce platform by your end customers.

Rewix Plugin will also be able to send the shipping address of each item ordered so that your Supplier is able to make shipments directly to your end customers.

If the products contained in the <growing order> are exactly the products ordered by your end customers, you can proceed with the payment within the ecommerce platform of your supplier. When the payment is received by the Supplier, your order will go from the <booked> status to the <working on> status and you will be able to follow the time sequence of the order until delivery to your end customers.