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If your supplier uses rewixecommerce platform, with Rewix plugin you can sell in dropshipping mode on your Wordpress ecommerce site. Rewix allows you to import products from your suppliers’ warehouses in just a few clicks. Choose your language and import the product sheets complete with photos. Manage your orders and view the processing and shipping phases in a transparent and simple way. You can check the status of your order at any time and communicate transparently to your customers. Product availability is automatically synchronized with your supplier’s warehouse. No risk of selling products that are no longer available.

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Plugin features include:

  • Import products to your WordPress ecommerce from your supplier’s rewixecommerce site. The products are imported with the description, the recommended price, the purchase price, the availability of the warehouse in real time and the photos of the product. Importing products is facilitated by the ability to view only products from the supplier’s catalog that have not already been imported.
  • Import of product variants intended as different sizes and colors of the same product. Products that have no color variations or have a single size will be imported as individual products.
  • Continuous synchronization of the available quantities of the product in your Supplier’s warehouse
  • Continuous update of orders placed from your WordPress e-commerce site
  • Importing products in the background: the process of importing products can be long, so you can set up the process and continue working on the WordPress site without waiting for the process to be completed
  • Real time control of the status of synchronization between your ecommerce and rewixecommerce of your Supplier. Through a control panel you will always be able to view the status of the API (linked to the subscription plan with your Supplier), the scheduled import activities, the setting of the attributes of the imported products and the webserver / php configuration.

Increase the turnover of your WordPress shop, start selling your products in dropshipping mode right away!

Rewix plugin costs for WordPress

The annual subscription of the Rewix Plugin for WordPress includes:

  • Rewix Plugin for WordPress
  • Plugin compatible for WordPress Woocommerce 3.2.x versions
  • Unlimited downloads and updates for 12 months
  • Unlimited access to online documentation (tutorials, FAQs)
  • Click to view the documentation

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